Our Support Plans
  Plan Price
  Fix My PC Now $ 74.95.
  PC Setup $ 34.95.
  Fix My Internet $ 49.95.
  Printer Support $ 34.95.
  Internet Setup $ 34.95.
  Network Setup / Support $ 124.95.
  Wi-Fi Setup / Support $ 74.95.
  Complete Windows Support $ 49.95.
  PC Software Support $ 74.95.
  PC Speed Up $ 34.95.
  PC Security Setup / Support $ 49.95.
  Adware / Spyware Removal $ 49.95.
  Instant Mac Fix $ 49.95.
Fix My PC Now
  • Troubleshoot and resolve windows errors.
  • Diagnose your Desktop or Laptop Hardware and provide resolutions
  • Install / Uninstall Software, Applications, Drivers and other programs
  • Setup / Configure and personalize your Printers, Digital Cameras, Mp3 players, PDAs, Wireless network & more
  • Configure Windows Firewall & Automatic updates.
  • Repair internet connection
  • Run complete spyware , ad-ware and virus scan
  • Suggest & Remove unwanted Software, applications & processes
  • Run utilities for your drive to enhance the performance
PC Setup
  • Set-up, new / old Desktops & Laptops
  • Show you how to use the various key features of your PC
  • Implement security with Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware to protect your PC
  • Set-up & configure your Internet connection
  • - Get recommendations for latest PC add-ons, gadgets and more.
Fix My Internet
  • Resolve ISP issues for AOL, Verizon, SBC Yahoo, MSN and more. Perform diagnostics on your faulty Internet connection & repair it.
  • Troubleshoot browser (IE, Netscape, Mozilla etc.) error messages.
  • Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safety.
  • Suggest & implement of latest Internet Security measures.
Printer Support
  • Set up HP, Dell, Lexmark, Epson printers, scanners & All in Ones and more.
  • Install / Update the printer software & drivers.
  • Configure your printer to your machine / Network.
  • Diagnose & resolve printer connection, device conflicts.
  • Optimize printer software for improved performance.
  • Help you perform a test print.
Internet Setup
  • Set-up & configure New / existing Internet Connection
  • Install & configure browser updates, patches to ensure fast & secure Internet connection.
  • Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safety.
  • Get you Online quickly, while keeping you secure.
  • Complete support for BSNL, Reliance, Tata Indicom and Airtel
Network Setup / Support
  • Set-up & configure wired, Wi-Fi new/existing network.
  • Remotely Install/Update network drivers & software.
  • Configure & show you how to enable Security & Firewall.
  • Scan & remove IP conflicts within the Network devices.
  • Show you how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network.
Wi-Fi Setup / Support
  • Setup & install new/old Wi-Fi routers, hubs and networks.
  • Help you connect the right cables between your PC and Router.
  • Configure Security & Firewalls for your Wi-Fi Router.
  • Scan & remove IP conflicts within the Network devices.
  • Show you how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network.
Complete Windows Support
  • Diagnose & troubleshoot Windows 95/98/ME/XP home & pro/ NT/ 2000/ Vista. Resolve errors in Windows Operating System.
  • Repair, Re-install Windows.
  • Remotely install/update patches & service packs.
  • Recommend software to improve your daily productivity.
PC Software Support
  • Complete support for MS Office, Roxio, MyDVD, PowerDVD, Corel, Adobe, Quicken and more. Set-up & configure Software Applications on your PC.
  • Hassle free installation & a tour of your favorite Software.
  • Teach you how to Burn CDs, DVD & more.
  • Diagnose & troubleshoot errors in various software.
  • Recommend software to improve your productivity.
PC Speed Up
  • Instant TUNE-UP of your Desktop, Laptop.
  • Uninstall unwanted programs & software.
  • Disable unwanted start-up files & processes.
  • Remove browsing history & offline Contents
  • Configuring windows firewall & automatic updates.
  • Defragment your Hard Disk.
  • Perform optimization of resources to increase productivity of your PC.
PC Security Setup / Support
  • Industry standard virus detection & removal.
  • Scan, quarantine virus, worms residing in your PC.
  • Implement security for optimum protection of your PC.
  • Guide you basic navigation feature for your Anti-virus.
  • Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safety.
  • We support Symantec, Mcafee, Trend Micro and more.
Adware / Spyware Removal
  • Remove adware / spyware.
  • Industry standard Adware / Spyware removal.
  • Implement robust anti–spyware and anti–adware.
  • Configuring Windows Firewall & IE Pop-up blocker.
  • Scan hard drive for malicious files / Adware & Spyware.
  • We support: Bit Defender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton AntiVirus and more.
Instant Mac Fix
  • MAC system startup problems Application errors Application compatibility issues CD/DVD issues & errors Network setup using AIRPORT, Linksys etc. Instant SAFARI fix Display problems Clean uninstall and reinstall of applications OS X issues & errors Hardware problems