Anti Spyware
If your system is sluggish or unstable, you may have some spyware or adware infecting your network. Another good sign of you having spyware on your machine is your initial homepage for your browser has been hijacked. Few people are aware that they may be installing malicious software when they download "free" programs from the internet. These unwelcome programs can wreak havoc on a computer or your network. Some spyware can report user information to third party. They can also pop up advertising and interfere with your internet connection. Sometimes they can be even worse - providing easy backdoor access for unauthorized users.
Few signs of spyware would be :
  • Computer is slow
  • Computer shows error messages
  • Browser shows unwanted toolbars, address bar is not visible
  • Desktop disappeared
  • Pop up adds are shown
  • Program updates do not update any more
  • You cannot read your web based mail any more
  • Internet connection is jumping in and out every 15 minutes
  • Sound does not work anymore after a certain time.
  • The system goes into standby instead of hibernate.

IT Masters India technicians are armed with the latest spyware removal tools to protect your system from Spyware. Our support team can provide updated anti-spywares to safeguard your PC and make it versatile.